9 O’clock is usual time for Hardi to wake up as she prefers to read till late at night. It was a typical morning after about 2 years of sincere & hard work preparing for IIT JEE (The JEE Mains exam was over before few days & we have calculated the probable score of her JEE Mains exam) I see some sparkle in her eyes & smile on her face as she was still on her bed but now sitting.

“Pappa, I had a dream last night.”

Seeing my encouraging look she continued….

“I got AIR (All India Rank) 1 in JEE & was being interviewed by Press”
I smiled & attentively waiting for more details from her dream but those sparkling eyes started turning wet.

Yes, she was back to reality – out of her dream & the calculated probable score was the culprit that made her eyes wet.

“I will take your Interview!” Immediately came out of my mouth. These words were enough to bring that valuable smile back on the face over those still wet eyes.

Later I kept thinking … she worked hard, sacrificed  many things while her preparation is this not enough for making her special? I thought & thought got continuous reflection from my heart that “Every Child is Special”. And, to me, they are ‘more’ special when they have worked hard to achieve something.

I have read/ heard this line many time in my life….  “Every Child is Special” but now I am experiencing it. Hardi is Special, just like Every other Child.

Thus my decision to get her Interviewed has become more firm…

Here is her INTERVIEW… (Heads up… You are going to watch Interview where Interviewer & Interviewee both are first timers so bear with us!)

And here is the same Interview in Audio form